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Most of the images on my site are only color enhanced,  without detailed edits (like skin imperfections for example).  So when you are looking you have to remember how different they will look fully edited. 

Image prices start at $150 and go up depending on the model. 

If you have a mood board for you cover idea, send it to me ([email protected]).  I know my images better than anyone and I'm usually able to give you an image example that you might not have seen.  

All of my models have different looks, so like with your books, don't judge a gallery by its cover image, go in and scroll through all the galleries.  Many of these models appearance change depending on lighting and outfits.  

When images are bought, all the extremely similar images are removed.  

Before you receive your final download link all images go through a full edit, including skin imperfections, lighting, eyes, teeth, and background clean up. Every author will receive a full skin edit with mild lighting enhancement to make extraction super easy and a B&W copy for easy designs.   If you have a specific edit in mind you can just let me know.  


My goal is to make it easy for your image to work for teasers/promotion and to give you designer an easy image to work with and manipulate to use you needs. 

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