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Some of our recent cover reveals using KCP Exclusive Photography. 2022-2023 is bring many more amazing covers from some incredible authors.
Wayward Son by Jay CrownoverThe Pucking Wrong Date By CR JaneThe Pucking Wrong Number by CR Jane By CR JaneWatch Your Mouth by Kandi SteinerFaceOff By Teagan HunterBody Check by Teagan HunterPretty Girls Never Lie By SJ SylvisSaint Mary's Duet by SJ SylvisShameless Play by Kelly FinleyWhite Lies by Skye WarrenReckless Games by Eva SimmonsWhiskey Nights and Neon Dreams by Ashley JamesCaverns of Silence by Maggie ColeRisks of Temptation by Maggie ColeSpoil Sport by Layla SimonDiscovering Damon by Nicole Dykes and Cora RoseThe Scoring Secret by Ainsley BoothGreen Light by Lark TaylorOverruled by Bella MatthewsRebelliouis Reign by Jacie Lennon