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Some of our recent cover reveals using KCP Exclusive Photography. 2022-2023 is bring many more amazing covers from some incredible authors.
Spoil-SportThe Pucking Wrong Number by CR JaneLone and Lifeless by Bailey NicoleOne More Night by Tory BakerThe One I Want by Chelle SloanHeart of a Rebel by Eva SimmonsOver Steel By Billie LustigBreaking the Ice by L.A. CottonVillainous by Art SaphirreDangerous by Art SaphirreThe Date Mistake by Joelle LynneSecond to None by KA LindeAin't Happenin' by Shandi BoyesVery Unlikely by Shandi BoyesRoundabout by A. Marie87 - AltarSAFilthyTruthCover6x9_MEDIUMActing Out by Layla SimonActing Up by Layla SimonSaint Mary's Duet by SJ Sylvis