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Its that time of every again. Valentines Day. A time to be excited to receive and give gifts from a significant other. Or if you’re like me, a time to panic and stress over what to get them. With all the romance in the air, it can get kind of hard to focus on what you should get your bf/gf.

The most important thing to remember about Valentine’s Day is it’s an annually thing, so if not this year, there is always next! But in the meantime, here are some helpful date/gift ideas for Vday.


First off, let’s talk about cute date ideas. If you are looking for a more laid back night, then game/movie night is the perfect date for you. This super low budget date idea not only saves you money, but it also is a great opportunity to enjoy each other’s company. All you need are some comfy clothes, snacks, a great movie, board games, and hey, build a fort while you’re at it!


Another great date idea is going to a local pottery painting place and showing off your painting skills. This is an awesome way to bring a little fun and light-heartedness to a day that seems to be more serious and romantic. Not to mention your creativity! So go take your date to paint a mug, or a plate, or even a dinosaur riding a skateboard if you're into that sort of thing (seriously, they have everything).


Lastly, a great Valentine's Day date night would be going to your bf/gf's favorite restaurant for dinner. I know, I know, dinner on Valentine's Day? So original. Although this cliche date night may be what everyone and their mothers are doing, it nonetheless can be a special and heartfelt moment. So dress up nice (or go in your pajamas, there's no judgement here) go to dinner, have some dessert while you're at it, and enjoy your Valentine's date night. After all, it's not like it's their birthday or something (unless it is, then maybe combine all three of these date nights together for that extra pizzazz). 


Personally, when it comes to gifts I am more of a heartfelt kind of girl. I much rather have someone put more thought into a gift than money because the value of the gift shouldn't be about the price tag, but the effort. 

With that being said, we ran a Twitter poll and it seems like a lot of people agree! 


Now, here are some gift ideas that will make him/her melt and they also won't break your bank!


First we have a super cute and creative way to give your significant other a picture of you two. I would have never imagined putting a picture in a mason jar and filling it up with vegetable oil would be a great idea, but hey, I guess you do learn something new everyday. All you need for this gift is a mason jar, vegetable oil, and a picture big enough to fit. Once all the ingredients are placed in the jar, have some fun decorating the outside with some of your bf/gf's fav things.


This next gift is aimed for the ladies in particular, but if you know your man loves him some flowers, then by all means take this idea into consideration. This gift is simple but still a very cute idea. You'll need picture frame (obviously filled with a cute pic of you two), a box of chocolates, and flowers. This gift is basically the definition of basic Valentine's Day gifts, but hey, it's still an adorable idea amirite? I don't know, maybe it's just something about the Vday vibes, but no matter what kind of season it is, you can never go wrong with flowers, a cute pic, and chocolates!


Last but not least, is a necklace/keychain for your gf/bf with your initials, or both of your initials. This gift is my favorite idea and who wouldn't want to wear the initial of their boo? There are some embroidered key chains and necklaces that defeat the whole purpose of not breaking the bank. Luckily we have a beautiful thing called Amazon. The price range for both these items are anywhere from $10-$30 depending on the material and style. Although this gift can be the most expensive one out of the three, if you are willing to spend the money then I say go for it!


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