NYFW '18 Street Style Guide

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Welcome to Part 2 of my NYFW Fall/Winter '18 three part series! Runway fashion serves as inspiration for what we are going to wear for the season, so no you don't have to wear sky high heels and bright yellow eyeshadow. I like to think of runway shows as mood boards for what I am going to wear. Here I am going to break down a few runway outfits from my last post and also show some of my favorite street style looks so check out my last post, "New York Fashion Week: Fall-Winter 2018" and enjoy! 


For this ensemble, you have to look at the pieces and fit rather than fabric. This runway look is telling us that pairing a chunky sweater and midi skirt takes a casual winter outfit and makes it look chic. This outfit is super simple to recreate and personally I love pairing a floral midi skirt with a crop sweater (because I was not blessed with lengthy legs of a supermodel and when I wear two pieces that are boxy I end up looking like a shapeless blob) and either booties or a pair of flat white tennies. 

You may be thinking, if I bought something like this I would 1) spend way too much and 2) wear it once to something important and then never wear it again because everyone already saw me in it; and you'd be right. So for this look pay attention to the colors and the general silhouette. The fit of the dress is classic, and I promise there are cheap versions that match this style, I always check Forever 21 first because let's be real their stuff is cheap and usually pretty fashion forward. Next is the color, this bright mustard color is showing up EVERYWHERE this season so you definitely want to incorporate it into your wardrobe. A sure-fire way to add color into your clothing collection is add it through accent pieces like small purses, jewelry, and sweaters instead of making big buys that will go out of style by next season. 

This outfit is so simple that it almost needs no explanation. But I will because it's too cute not to talk about. First off, if you're like me and not blessed with legs like skyscrapers, instead of investing in a pair of boot cut trousers, instead stick with your favorite high-waisted jeans and call it a day. Next, take a look at the pattern on the top, it includes classic black and white but also this years go-to trendy color Ultra Violet (check out my blog post on Pantone's Color of the Year: Ultra Violet). This is another hint that this year you should keep it classic but incorporate some bright and fun colors.

Ok, I know what you're thinking... "wut." But don't fear, this runway look is not telling you that in order to be fashionable you have to dress like this model! Let's walk through this look together. Starting from the top is the blush pink baseball cap. This takes a typically masculine style and adds femininity to it, this has been a running theme at this years NYFW, so take your favorite baseball cap or tailored blazer and rock it with feminine flare! 


This look contains so many different trends from the runway and mixes them to form a completely wearable outfit. Also, take any single piece and it will make any plain outfit fashion forward. 

One of my personal favorite street looks from NYFW, this outfit combines classic pieces and puts a modern twist on them. The pants look straight out of a french new wave film but they are made current by pairing them with a killer latex jacket and some rockin shades. 

Another, albeit more dramatic, use of the latex jacket as a trench coat paired with red boots and a white purse. This look manages to be both chic and edgy, classic and modern-- but altogether gorgeous! 

BINGO! This look is probably the easiest to recreate and still super stylish! I'm pretty sure I've found a dupe for every single item in this outfit at either Forever 21 or Zara! Just grab a pair of boyfriend cut jeans, a patterned button down, your favorite pair of sunnies, and a sick coat. You're out the door and looking like a million bucks!


This last one is another super simple outfit, and if you couldn't tell already, there is definitely a theme with these street looks. All you need this winter is a few staples to mix and match with and you'll have a huge variety of outfits to try out. I suggest buying a few different styles of sweaters (knit, turtleneck, mock turtleneck, etc.), a pair or two of jeans you feel comfortable and confident in, a unique coat that matches everything, and a pair of booties for the ages. 



Romee Strijd

Must have: fashion forward fanny pack (yes, that's a thing!)

Selena Gomez

Must have: classic leather jacket

Alessandra Ambrósio

Must have: super fuzzy jacket (seriously if you know where she got this I will move to Alaska just so I could wear it once)


Must have: a sweat suit that you can wear out of the house!

Margot Robbie

Must have: can we just be her?? But seriously that dress is something out of a dream

Hailey Baldwin

Must have: blazer hoodie combo (who knew?!)

Millie Bobby Brown 

Must have: big surprise! another killer leather jacket! 

Sara Sampaio 

Must have: the ever-present and fashion forward black sailor cap 



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