Winter Skin Care Tips

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As the seasons change our skin takes a real beating, especially after having all the moisture and sun from summer then having to face the wind and dryness of winter. Here are some of my top products and tips for keeping your skin baby soft all winter. 


I absolutely swear by this product and am convinced it can solve any of my problems in life. This is marketed for getting rid of scars and let me tell you, it does much more than that. This magical oil erases stretch marks, helps eyebrows get fuller, and moisturizes like no other. My favorite brand is "Jason Vitamin E Oil" for $8, and the smallest bottle lasts ages. Treat your skin to this great product and thank me later ;)

How to use: I apply this product every night before I go to bed wherever I feel like I need it. My biggest tip is: a little goes a long way! I put about a dime sized amount on my finger tips and massage it all over my face, into my brows, and on my lashes. Then, I take the left overs and either put it wherever I have stretch marks or any dry spots that have popped up over winter. This product is super goopy and sticky, but don't be afraid! Just because it's oil doesn't mean it will make you oily! You'll wake up feeling so smooth and your skin will surely thank you!


The most important thing to do in winter is combat dryness in every way possible. I by no means have dry skin (in fact I tend to lean more towards the oily side, but winter somehow still manages to suck the life out of my skin. I've tested far too many moisturizers to count, and my favorite even surprised me-- Cetaphil Moisturizer! We tend to assume the higher priced a beauty product is the better it will work, but one day my porcelain skinned roommate told me she used Cetaphil moisturizer you can bet I was at Target buying it the next day. And since then I have not looked back, it's super lightweight, gentle, and best of all cheap! One downside is that it is a little bit oily, but I usually combat this by applying my sunscreen after applying this product, because sunscreen tends to be a little chalky.

How to use: If you don't wear face makeup then I would suggest to keep applying this all throughout the day, but if you're like me and wears makeup just to run downstairs then this isn't exactly possible for you. I apply this before I use my Vitamin E Oil at night and it's the first thing I put on my face after washing it in the morning. 


Toner confused me for ages, like I understood it was supposed to be this wonderful thing that got rid of my dark spots and hyper pigmentation, but I had absolutely no idea when or how to use it. For awhile I had completely given up on it and threw it out of my daily routine, but recently I found a product that made me rethink my toner-hating ways. Witch Hazel is an all-natural toner that helps with dark spots, large pores, and even works as a gentle makeup remover! 

How to use: After washing your face, grab a cotton round, pour some Witch Hazel on it, and wipe all around your face. Although the smell isn't super strong it definitely is different than any product I've put on my face, so I was hesitant to use it as an eye-makeup remover at first. However, I tested it in the name of beauty and can now happily say it is super gentle on your eyes. The only brand I have tried is the cheapest one I could find at Target, which is "Dickinson's Witch Hazel" and a steal at $5 for a bottle roughly the size of a large contact solution bottle. However, I have also heard, but have yet to test, that the "Thayer's" brand witch hazel is amazing and their rose infused toner is great. So there are many different options out there for Witch Hazel lovers.


If you ask me, face masks can be overrated, but there are definitely some worth while ones out there. Lately I have been really liking the "Say Yes To..." brand sheet masks, although I'm not entirely sure they do much of what they claim to do. But for my purposes they work just right. I use face masks as a skin booster when I notice it needs a little extra love or looks a bit dull. And the great thing about these masks is that you can use them more than once! I will use it once, fold it back up, stick it back it the packaging (which is still full of the face mask liquid), and zip it up in a baggy. Then you can use the other side next time you need a skin reviver! Another great mask to have in your cabinet is any type of creamy. moisturizing mask. Lately, exfoliating, tingly, and peel off masks have been a huge trend, but in the winter you want something that gives your skin the moisture it needs, not rips and scrubs it away. Unfortunately I don't have the label from my favorite moisturizing mask (I don't know what I'm going to do when it runs out) but I do know it is a papaya and pumpkin mask. These two ingredients are super soothing and my skin feels so soft and plump after I use it. 

How to use: I apply any cream mask for about 20 minutes, but you can leave them on for various amounts of time because they don't crack or peel. For the "Say Yes To..." sheet masks I usually leave them on for 15-20 minutes and then massage the left over residue into my skin and leave it on over night. 

Even though winter can be dull and gloomy, your skin doesn't have to! These tips are sure to help you have that summer glow all winter long. Enjoy, and let me know your go to winter skin care tips in the comments below! 


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