Graduation Day: Capturing Your Style

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The time is near. Announcements are being ordered, parties are being planned, and at this point, no homework is being done. This may be a bittersweet time, but of course, we send our models out with a little bit of glam ;) So send your love and say your goodbyes to the beautiful, wonderful, and absolutely stunning... Class of '17 Senior Squad. 


When you are young every adult, from your mom and dad to that weird Aunt Deb (that you're still not 100% sure if she's actually related to you or not), tells you to savor every moment and cherish every friendship. Yet, somehow, we are still leaving high school wishing we had spent just a few minutes longer singing at the top of our lungs to our favorite song, or taken one more long drive with a best friend. But the amazing thing about this time, is that we know we have so much more life to live, so many more adventures to embark on, and so many more memories to make...and so all graduation does, is help us take these last six weeks and make the most of them. 

Now I could go on and on about sappy details of the "best years of our lives" and the "unforgettable memories" but there are far more pressing matters that are on every senior's mind right now... "What on Earth am I going to wear to graduation?!" Never fear, for we have done all the hard work for you, and got some help from our Class of '17 Seniors one last time. 


Our first look is modeled with Perry's maroon cap and gown. This color can seem a little tricky to match with both outfit and makeup wise, but here's a few tips:

Creating Depth and Texture: The worst thing to do for graduation is to match the color of your outfit exactly with your cap and gown. The model above chose instead to wear a white skater dress with a brighter red as an accent. This helps create dimension as well as add texture. She created even more contrast with her jewelry choice of an emerald green statement ring. This goes to show that a simple outfit doesn't always mean boring! 


This next look incorporates a few different styles flawlessly to create a classy and modern graduation outfit. Here's how to recreate it: 

Cut and Style: The key to achieving this look is its use of differing cuts. We tend to want to stick to one cut for every part of our outfit, but this can make the outfit either look a bit frumpy or too simple. This model chose to incorporate a semi-loose top with extremely flowy and frilly sleeves with a tight fitted jean skirt. Not only does this create depth and texture, but it also accentuates her natural shape. It crops up and tightens at the waist, shows off her slim legs, and pulls attention to her neck and face. She then adds the finishing touches with a simple, thin brown belt and long gold necklace. This outfit is perfect for any color cap and gown and will definitely attract the right kind of attention!


Our last model chose to take a different route for her outfit. Many girls want to go casual for the big day but aren't exactly sure how to go about it. Going casual doesn't mean you will look undone, but it can show off your natural beauty and of course the comfort factor is a major plus! Here's how to make casual work for you:

Polish and Shine: The key to dressing casual is the polish of the whole ensemble. The model above wears a crisp white shirt with a black lace bralette peaking through, a pair of pristine blue jeans, and a simple gold bracelet. However, you can't stop there if you want to elevate your casual outfit to a polished graduation outfit. The model shapes her face with soft, classic curls and uses a light hand on her makeup. Overall, her skin is dewy, hair is soft, and outfit is crisp and clean-cut. Her choice to go casual only adds to her natural beauty and stunning shine! 

Get ready seniors, because we are closing in on the big day and with these tips you can have a flawless graduation day outfit! Just don't forget to pack plenty of Kleenex and waterproof mascara. 

I wish you all the luck in the world and enjoy these last few weeks at the schools you spent four years dreading getting up every morning and driving to. ;) 

20161005-0N8A7440-Edit20161005-0N8A7440-Edit Know the Writer: Tatianna Apodaca is a Senior at Basha High School and will be studying Digital Film with an Emphasis in Screenwriting at the Honors College at Grand Canyon University in the fall. She has a passion for traveling, performing, and writing. At home she has a pup that is smothered with love and kisses, as well as a wonderful family. She loves working with Katie who is always a blast and enjoys interviewing and styling all the KCP Seniors!

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