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Hello and welcome back! No I have not run away to a sunny island for the summer wearing only bikinis and channeling my inner Victoria Secret Model, but a girl can dream, right? These past couple of weeks I have faced a style rut of which I couldn’t for the life of me pull myself out of. It felt like writers block but with crop tops and high waisted shorts from two years ago. But recently I have had a resurgence and feel utterly inspired to boost my summer style… with a little help from my favorite celebs.


The term “it” girl always made me think of a 16 year old girl on a tween magazine cover with way too many exclamation marks on the cover, or a skinny blonde socialite with fuzzy pink shoes and a pooch that also posed as an accessory. However, the 2017 “It” Girl seems much more accessible, and these are the girls that re-inspired my love for fashion. My biggest piece of advice if you need some fashion inspiration? Type in the name of your favorite celeb and attach “street style” to the end of it. This is a sure fire way to easily see high fashion looks that aren’t only for runway models. Here are some of my favorite 2017 “It” Girls.


Lily-Rose Depp

She is style, she is grace, she is Johnny Depp’s daughter-- what more could you ask for? She has already starred in 5 movies, has over 3.1 million followers on Instagram, and is younger than I am. Although when I have to constantly remind myself not to compare when I see her, I like to pretend that wearing a similar style will make up for all the differences right? Right?? Anyways, as a Chanel ambassador it is inevitably true that this girl has style, and here is a super easy look to recreate.

It doesn’t get any simpler than this, but it is the accessories that make the difference here, oversized sunglasses are a huge trend this summer so of course Lily has a pair dangling in view with her outfit. She wears a simple, black, fitted romper but this could easily be traded for a black cami and black shorts. Another popular trend is white tennis shoes with absolutely everything (flash back to J. Anniston in Friends much?) and Lily changes it up a bit by pairing her dainty outfit with large high top sneakers. Lastly, she finishes off the outfit with a tiny gold necklace and black and gold belt to tie the outfit together. This outfit is so easily recreated and effortlessly fashion forward.


Bella Hadid

Another “It” Girl I have been loving is Bella Hadid. From stalking her Instagram, to scouring Snapchat magazines for her daily, I think you can say I’m obsessed. However, I chalk it up to research in the name of fashion and that’s good enough for me! It’s no secret fashion designers love her, in every paparazzi pic she is wearing only the best brands and eternally looks like she is stepping onto the runway. Don’t be intimidated though, here is a Hadid outfit that is super simple yet chic.


If you’re like me and would rather not wear stilettos to dinner but still want to look super cute I would swap out the heels for my favorite white tennis shoes and opt for red lipstick to look more polished. Either way, simple skinnies and a t-shirt is an outfit I can wrap my head around (and my wallet).


Selena Gomez

Lastly, a girl that I have always looked up to when it comes to fashion, Selena Gomez. She’s been an “It” Girl for years now and her style is super easily recreated. Holding the record for most Instagram followers and never disappointing with her summer hits, Selena Gomez’s style is nothing if not versatile and accessible. Here’s a look to love and recreate this summer.

Although it is highly unlikely I will ever be able to afford an item from Alexa Chung’s new fashion line (the top retails at $370) this outfit is so trendy yet so simple. High-waisted denim jeans paired with a cropped tank and cross body bag, throw in a pair of Aviators and orange sandals? This may just be the perfect summer outfit. Swap out the almost $400 crop top with a $10 Forever 21 tank and this outfit is as good as yours. It’s a win for me.

Although fashion may be intimidating, always know that you have options and whatever makes you feel best is usually the way to go.

Make sure to tell me what you think in the comment section below or follow me on any of social media accounts (links below). I promise I won’t take such a long break next time! If you liked this post make sure to check in later this week for a summer look book, which will probably include more styles from the “It” Girls above!


Know the Writer: Tatianna Apodaca is a Senior at Basha High School and will be studying Digital Film with an Emphasis in Screenwriting at the Honors College at Grand Canyon University in the fall. She has a passion for traveling, performing, and writing. At home she has a pup that is smothered with love and kisses, as well as a wonderful family. She loves working with Katie who is always a blast and enjoys interviewing and styling all the KCP Seniors!

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